Osmanthus by Robin Ferriere


Classical Music meets Osmanthus

In a beautiful home located right across the Metropolitan Museum on 5th Ave, classical music and culinary temptations collides.  This intimate home concert hosted by The Q - Quintessential showcased works by Richard Strauss and other German Greats from the Romatic era, performed by soprano Elizabeth Smith, pianist Joseph Yungen, and violist CheHo Lam, while Osmanthus by Robin Ferriere proudly presented a selection of hors d’oeuvres and pastries with a German twist. 

Menu of the night –
Mushroom tart with white wine shallot emulsion
Smoked salmon cream cheese choux, sour cream, dill
Cinnamon-salt rubbed duck breast, raspberry red wine sauce
Nussecken, a traditional German cookie with hazelnut, apricot confit & chocolate
Donauwellen, a traditional German style marble cake with sour cherry & vanilla custard
Carrot cake, mascarpone cream, walnut

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Photos by @maybethere

Robin Ferriere